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Deerfield Beach Termite Treatment, Drywood Termite


Did you know that a single Deerfield Beach Drywood Termite colony can have upwards of two million members? Each year, termites cause $5 billion in damage. These unsleeping pests often remain out of sight, as the outer surface is left intact while the inside is eaten away!

With termite season fast approaching, we’ve created this handy guide to help with your Deerfield Beach termite treatment.

Deerfield Beach Termite Control

Education and inspection are the keys to protecting your property from termites. We recommend professional Deerfield Beach termite inspections every 2-3 years. Otherwise, Deerfield Beach termite control is more difficult, perhaps leaving your home under attack by termite infestations.

Deerfield Beach Termite Inspection

Commonly referred to as a Deerfield Beach termite inspection, bug nerds like ourselves know it as a WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms) Inspection.

JP Miller & Sons termite experts will inspect a building’s structural integrity, and review other areas that are likely to attract termites, dry rot, fungus, and all the rest.

Often, to the untrained eye, there’s no apparent indication that something is amiss. Our highly skilled technicians will carefully examine the structure, identifying wood destroying critters and their source of infestation.

We recommend a termite inspection every 2-3 years.

Signs of Deerfield Beach Termite Infestation

Called the hidden invader, termites leave few clues to their destruction. However, if you look closely, you may see a few signs of Deerfield Beach termite infestation, aka a colony of termites has moved in.

The key here is a thorough inspection, look for wings on your pool’s surface or windowsills. Wood damage is another good signal something is wrong.

If you find wood damage, probe the wood, looking for hollowed out and honeycombed material. Give the severely damaged wood a good knock and see if it sounds “hollow.”

Look for termite poop. No, don’t laugh. Well, just a little … laughing that is.

Termite fecal pellets look like coarse grains of sand (appearing anywhere in your structure). Check for mud tubes on baseboards and walls, or in crevices and cracks.

Got Deerfield Beach Termites?

Well, the type of treatment depends on the infestation’s location and severity, Deerfield Beach termite species, and the structure’s construction.

Each situation is unique, and our inspectors will discuss a rigorous treatment plan that controls the termite population. Only scientifically-proven methods that will most effectively eliminate the exact problems associated with your structure are recommended.

Deerfield Beach Termite Treatment Options

Like so many things in life, prevention is key, and that goes for keeping your home free of termites, too. Our Deerfield Beach termite treatment options include:

Deerfield Beach Termite Tenting – Sometimes the job calls for termite tenting. In those cases, a whole-structure fumigation is the only way to ensure total control of colony infestations, including pests hidden in hard-to-get places.

Deerfield Beach Termite Treatment Cost

Deerfield Beach termite treatment cost is usually charged by the linear foot, not by the square footage of your home. The average per foot is about $4-$16. A chemical is sprayed in areas where termites have been seen and other areas that may be necessary. These average between $1300-$1500 per treatment.

Deerfield Beach Do It Yourself Termite Control

Here are a few tips to keep your home termite free with Deerfield Beach Do It Yourself termite control:

  • Keep plumbing in good repair, and shower pans free of leaks.
  • Routinely fill in any cracks in your concrete and masonry; make sure there are no entry points to your attic.
  • When watering your lawn, don’t sprinkle wood siding or stucco.
  • Keep your downspouts and gutters in good repair.
  • Avoid moisture accumulation around the home’s foundation.
  • Trim shrubbery back
  • Remove grade stacks, old form boards, etc., left in place.
  • Remove old roots and tree stumps around and beneath the structure.
  • Keep an 18-inch gap between the wood and soil portions of the building.

If you suspect termites, give us a call or use our online form to schedule a Deerfield Beach termite inspection appointment. Small, localized infestations might be removed and replaced by a qualified person.