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Serving the South Florida Community Since 1974

Fort Lauderdale Termite Control, Inspection, Treatment, Spraying

Fort Lauderdale Termite Control

Since 1974, JP Miller & Sons has been providing our clients with a complete range of Fort Lauderdale termite control, termite inspections, termite treatment, and other pest control services.

No one knows how to protect your business or residence from termites and other unwanted critters better than JP Miller & Sons. Rely on our team to help protect your family, pets, and property with our eco-friendly solutions that include cutting-edge treatments and technologically advanced products.

We use the most advanced pest control methods to eradicate termites. Depend on us for residential or commercial service.

Summer Is Coming, Here Are a Few Things to Know about Fort Lauderdale Termites

Besides your bug guys, who cares about them? What are they going to do, drive us out of house and home?

Maybe, just maybe.

The past couple of winters has provided a unique climatic condition, so experts at JP Miller & Sons are telling you to prepare for a possible bug invasion.

Granted most critters don’t possess any direct threat to you personally, but there are a few of them that can cause extensive property damage.

Fort Lauderdale Termite Inspections

Those tiny annoying bugs, often numbering in the thousands, cause billions of dollars in damage per year.

Fort Lauderdale termites have a taste for plant-form cellulose, and your apartment or house has more than enough wood-based cellulose to feed a termite army for a very long time.

Here in the US, we deal with three types of termites — the subterranean, drywood, and dampwood. Worldwide, there are over two-thousand different species of termites.

Here are a few simple DIY tricks can help reduce the spread of termites:

  • Reduce the moisture levels throughout your house
  • Repair leaky faucets
  • Clean your gutters
  • Removed any standing water on your roof

Too Late! We’ve Got a Swarm of Winged Termites

Typically first appearing in spring, winged termite swarmers are a homeowner’s first sign they’re under termite attack. Those invading pests are looking to settle down and create a new colony, seeking residences damaged in the winter.

Have you performed a Fort Lauderdale termite inspection?

If you’ve noticed any termite signs, you should contact JP Miller & Sons. Our experts will determine the extent of your problem and then recommend a proper treatment plan.

Sentricon® Termite Baiting System for Fort Lauderdale Termite Treatment

Silent destroyers, termites will chew undetected through wood, flooring, and even wallpaper. Feeding 24/7 and causing billions a year in destruction, termite damage is typically not covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Here are a few signs you might have Fort Lauderdale termites:

  • Outside, you might find “mud tubes”
  • If you tap interior wood and it sounds hollow
  • Wood structures that are darkened or blistered
  • Bubbling or cracked paint
  • Near a termite nest, small piles of feces — resembles sawdust
  • Discarded wings near doors or in your pool … this often indicates the swarmers have entered the home.

Termites Are Smart. You’re Smarter.

Around since the day of dinosaurs, the king and queen produce a steady stream of offspring, who will acquire food and defend the nest. Reproductive termites leave home to create new colonies.

Termites communicate using specialized chemical signals, which helps lead them to food or alert them to threats.

And that’s where Sentricon comes in for Fort Lauderdale termite treatment.

Fort Lauderdale Termite Inspection

Fort Lauderdale Termite Treatment

Sentricon Is Smart Science.

Sentricon uses science to defeat termites at their own game. Termites will readily feed on Sentricon, without realizing its taking away their ability to eat, survive or breed. The end results is death to the queen, and eventually her colony.
Fort Lauderdale Termite Control

Fort Lauderdale Termite Treatment in Three Steps

Inspect. Our Certified Sentricon Specialist checks for any signs of termites.

Install. Stations are placed around the property, and the bait immediately begins to work.

Service. Our Certified Sentricon Specialist makes sure the stations are always working.

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Family operated and customer focused since 1974, our team includes well-trained licensed technicians and customer service representatives. JP Miller & Sons takes pride in having some of the most experienced and educated professionals in the business.

With courteous, personalized service, we stand behind our services, offering some of the broadest industry coverages. And not just for homes, but multi-family properties and businesses as well.

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