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Boca Raton Lawn Treatment Services, Costs


Boca Raton Lawn Treatment

With summer nearly upon us, lawn maintenance will soon become a full time job — for folks who want their front yard looking lush and healthy. Fear not, for lawn service from JP Miller & Sons Service can evaluate your situation and setup a proper affordable Boca Raton lawn treatment plan that combats pests and diseases.

Here’s a few Boca Raton lawn treatment situations that you might find require our help.


For lawns affected by these critters, they’re usually fairly easy to identify. Usually affecting a widespread area, the pest(s) in question will be visible on the surface, or if you roll back a bit of your Boca Raton lawn.

Animals will start digging at the turf to feed on the pest below the surface.

Treating Boca Raton Lawn Disease

Lawn diseases are usually hard to identity, often requiring a microscope to see what’s happening. Irregular patches of grass, generalized thinning, and browning are problematic signs. Got mushrooms? You got problems.


One of the most common lawn problems, weeds compete for nutrients, water, space, and light. Flourishing in shortly-cut grass, an easy preventative measure is to mow your grass higher. While not a one-size fits all approach, generally a pre-emergent weed control will help prevent weeds from coming up in the first place.

JP Miller & Sons Can Shape Up Your Lawn

JP Miller & Sons Services is the most trusted Boca Raton pest control company. We offer weed control, lawn spraying, and live trapping services as well.

Even the most seasoned landscapers can run into problems. Leave it to JP Miller & Sons Services to find a treatment that rids your Boca Raton lawn of unwanted pests, weeds, and disease!