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Deerfield Beach Ficus Whitefly Treatment, Cost


Deerfield Beach Ficus Whitefly Treatment

Back in 2007, the ficus whitefly, or Singhiella simplex, was first observed in Homestead, Florida, and since then has spread into 16 Florida counties. Now a serious pest, the ficus whitefly affects the aesthetics and health of valuable ficus hedges and trees. Feeding on the underside of leaves with their piercing mouthparts, ficus whiteflies cause yellowing, wilting, leaf drop, and eventually death.

The ficus whitefly also harms hedges.

Biology of the Deerfield Beach Ficus Whitefly

Spawning at least three generations per year, ficus whitefly eggs hatch and their crawlers wander about looking for a feeding location. Once there, they will feed until they reach adulthood, a cycle that takes about a month to complete. This cycle repeats about three times per year.

Susceptible Trees to the Deerfield Beach Ficus Whitefly

Usually the ficus whitefly is found on the weeping fig, but also likes:

  • Banana-leaf fig
  • Banyan tree
  • Cvuban laurel
  • False banyan tree
  • Fiddle-leaf fig
  • Strangler fig

As previously mentioned, ficus hedges are also highly susceptible.

Signs and Symptoms of the Deerfield Beach Ficus Whitefly

  • Defoliated plants
  • When an infested plant is disturbed, flying clouds of little white flies can be seen.
  • Wilting yellow leaves

Management of the Deerfield Beach Ficus Whitefly

Although efforts to understand and control this pest are ongoing, there are several potential options for whitefly control. One must consider the site, the size and number of trees, and the surrounding environment before taking steps to control this pest.

For large trees, for example, a foliar spray may not be possible.

In the landscape, several natural enemies have been observed attacking this whitefly which can play an important role in long term control. The most commonly seen natural enemies include beetle predators, parasitoids, and lacewings.

Deerfield Beach Ficus Whitefly Treatment

Prevention is the key, so monitor your foliage for signs of infestation. If infested trees are trimmed, bag and remove the clippings.

Professionals like JP Miller & Sons services use systemic insecticides to control the ficus whitefly.

Deerfield Beach Ficus Whitefly Treatment Cost

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