Zika News in South Florida

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How Zika got to Brazil

There is a lot of false marketing about The Zika Virus on Facebook and Youtube saying it is no big deal. These snappy videos saying “zika is no threat like the common cold.”

It is bad, and we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Here is some quick research for you:

  • Not just one isolated location in Brazil
    • zika microcephaly cases brazil

      Machine generated alternative text:
Microcephaly in Brazil potentially linked to the ZIKV epidemic — Nov 2015 
Figure 3. States of Brazil with reported confirmed autochthonous cases of ZIKV virus infection 2014— 
2015, and reported cases of microcephaly in 2015, as of 17 November 2015. 
Cases Of microcephaly 
States with reported cases of Zika disease 
States without reported cases of Zika disease 
November 2015

  • GMO mosquitoes
    • Are used to “combat the mosquito population with Sterile males”
    • Fact: Male mosquitoes do not need a blood meal and do not bite, only the female mosquitoes bite in order to receive the blood meal before she lays her eggs.
    • The “GMO mosquitoes” are said to be a form of insect growth regulators, that when they mate with the regular female mosquitoes, the offspring do not turn into mature adults
    • “GMO Mosquitoes don’t kill other mosquitoes”
    • Thes Mosquito Control Districts can not 100% truthfully say only male mosquitoes are released because there have been documented cases that a small percentage of the mosquitoes that are released are female.
      • And the impact of these “GMO female mosquitoes” have yet to be discovered.
  • Number of micro cases this year

Health threat

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