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What Do I Need to Do for My First Boca Raton Termite Treatment?


As we say around here, getting professional Boca Raton termite treatment is always a good idea. Yeah, of course, we’d say that right, we’re in the business?

Fair enough, but here’s why we believe that.

Termite Treatment in Boca Raton

When you hire a competent Boca Raton termite treatment company, you’re getting a piece of mind … you know, reassurance. The reassurance that someone effective and qualified will be on hand. And the reassurance of some form of work guarantee, because what happens if those critters return?

We, like you, deserve to get what we paid for, and a guarantee will protect that right.

If you’ve made it this far, here’s a few pro tips to prepare for your first termite treatment in Boca Raton.

Get Ready to Vacate the Premises For a Bit

In the end, how long depends on what’s being done. Most of our Boca Raton termite treatments involve some form of spraying, so you’ll just need to leave for a couple of hours.

However, if we’re dealing with bed bugs or termites, a structural fumigation might be involved — and that’s gonna take a couple of days.

We’ll Need Access to Everything

Our pest control experts need to reach every part of the home, so open up your attic, move appliances and furniture away from the walls, and keep all of your rooms free and clear.

Meds and Food Need to be Protected/Stored

A little common sense here … with the chemicals in the air, you don’t want exposed medication or food to be affected. You’ll need to store all exposed food in protected, airtight containers. Take all of your medication with you when you leave.

A Little Cleaning Might Be in Order

Sometimes, we’ll use poisonous bait to control the pests, and we’ve found that works more effectively in a clean home. A clean house means no food lying about, making those hungry pests google up our bait.

Clutter Be Gone

Your cluttered garage or attic is a great hiding place for pests. Piles of junk make great shelter, so it’s time to pick it all up off the ground. Boxes, clothes, newspapers, and other junk need to be off the ground.