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Boca Raton Termite Treatment, Inspection, Damage, Cost


We’ll eliminate your existing termite colonies and keep ’em from coming back. Get safe, green, and effective Boca Raton termite treatment options with our comprehensive termite protection plan.

Termite Treatment in Boca Raton, FL

All homes need protection, as any type of residence can be damaged by termites, with potential damage in the thousands.

While other Boca Raton termite treatment and pest control companies may only meet minimum guidelines, at JP Miller & Sons Services, we treat to the maximum allowed by application.

Boca Raton Termite Damage

Every home is different, and so is our Boca Raton termite treatment plan.We’ll preform a complete exterior treatment of your residence, including adjoining slabs, under patios, inside blocks and behind bricks, and both pipe penetrations and bath traps.

Your Boca Raton Termite Treatment Plan

Not all treatments are alike.

At JP Miller & Sons Services, we won’t cut corners. We won’t just spot treat, we’ll not omit areas, all done to save time.

We do things differently... and by differently, we mean the correct way. We’ll protect all of those places where termites can enter or cause damage.

Pro Tip:

If pipe penetrations and bath traps, and soil protection isn’t part of your termite control plan, you may not have complete protection.

The Best Termite Treatment in Boca Raton

Here are just a few reasons why our termite treatment is better than the rest:

  • No matter how small, we treat foundation cracks. Even though termites can’t chew thru concrete, the tiniest cracks (less than the width of a human hair) provide a pathway for them into your home or business.
  • Special attention is paid to your plumbing entry points. Sometimes, building leftovers remain (wood, cardboard or plastic buckets), allowing a hidden area for termites.
  • We look for high soil levels around room additions or above-slab patio provide termites with a pathway straight into your house. There, they’ll remain undetected until extensive damage becomes apparent.
  • It’s simple, we don’t use termite baiting systems. Soil treatments are superior, killing termites before they get into your home, and they work more than 10 times faster than bait systems.
  • We use Sentricon, an effective “green” treatment takes advantage of termite biology and behavior to eliminate the entire colony.