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Termite tips



Did you know? $7000 – the average cost to repair termite damage
$5 Billion – the annual cost of termite damage
Termites cause more damage a year than fire + tornados + floods + hurricanes combined

Termites NEVER SLEEP – awake 24/7

They consume 5 grams of wood a day.
An average home has
– 3-4 termite colonies around it
– 1 million termites in each colony!
One single colony could eat the infrastructure of your house in TWO YEARS.

4 Tips to save you home from termites

  1. Get rid of termite snack food
    Dead stumps
    Debris near home
    Anything with cellulose
    Remove these items away from your home
  2. Remove excess moisture
    Repair leaky faucets and water pipes
    Remove any standing water on your roof
    Clear an excessive wood mulch and plant coverage
    Keep water away from your foundation
    Make sure your putters and downspouts are clear
    Keep all vents clean and accessible
    Seal all entry points around your water pipes
  3. Stop termites from entering your home
    Crawlspaces – open soil is an easy entry into your home
    Basement – need to be sealed
    Outside Vents – cover with screens
    Decks – they need to be pressure treated, painted or sealed to prevent termites
  4. Look for warning signs
    Flying termites – they leave the nest twice a year
    Discard wings – after they swarm, they shed their wings
    Mud tubes – indicating termites traveling above ground
    Termite droppings – looks like sawdust
    Wood damage – if you knock and the wood is hollow, you might have a problem
    Bubbling paint – painted, wooden surfaces that look cracked or bubbled could be an indicator

Fun Facts

Termites have a higher protein content than beef!
There are more than one Quadrillion termites on Earth
Scientists argue that termites produce more methane gas than humans, cars, and cows
What do you believe?
26% have never had their home inspected
43% of homeowners believe that they can control termites on their own
30% think homeowners insurance covers termite damage