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Pest Control in Lighthouse Point


JP Miller & Sons Services offers pest control in Lighthouse Point to control/prevent pest activity in and around your home or business. Our Quality Pro Certified Service Technician would initially treat the interior of the home by focusing on the areas prone to pest activity.

Our Pest Control Services in Lighthouse Point: Call us at (954) 874-8897

Pest Control treatment in Broward Palm BeachWe will treat the cracks and crevices around the appliances and cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms, thresholds, garage, attic and accessible wall voids.

  • We will use a combination of non-repellant insecticides and baits.
  • The pest control treatment will also include an outside perimeter treatment of the home.
  • We will treat the base of the exterior walls to create a barrier of protection that will control most crawling pests before they are able to gain access inside.
  • After we complete the thorough initial service, we will continue to treat the exterior perimeter of the structure as well as the inside of your home as needed, every other month to control/prevent future pest activity.
  • All of our pest control work in Lighthouse Point is guaranteed, so if a problem should arise between scheduled service visits, we will promptly return to treat the problem area at no additional charge.
  • This is a true Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program which emphasizes inspection, prevention and treatment with the appropriate materials strategically applied where and when necessary.

JP Miller & Sons Services offers Total Pest Solutions.

Pest Control treatment in Broward Palm BeachWe are an environmentally responsible pest control service company that offers quality services with guaranteed results. We have been the trusted experts in our field and have been performing Pest Control in Lighthouse Point for over 50 years.

Pest Control Service Tips!

  • Always trim landscaping and palm fronds/tree branches enough so that they don’t touch the walls or roof of the home. This gives ants direct access to the structure and allows them to avoid the barrier treatments applied to the foundation of the exterior walls.
  • Exterior entry points should be sealed as well as any other gaps or openings around windows, the exterior walls, and eaves. (around wires, pipes, and cables)