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Bed Bugs Exterminator

Bed Bug Removal 

Facts about Bed Bugs

  • Bed Bugs: (unlike make believe Vampires) Really Suck Your Blood Night
  • They are parasites of humans and animals
  • They are suspected of caring diseases but have not been proven to spread diseases to humans yet
  • Due to several reasons, Bed Bugs are becoming a huge problem again in today’s society
  • For example: international travel, lack of awareness, moving into an infested home, failed treatments by either the homeowner or inexperienced company, etc.

Bed Bug Description

  • The female can lay up to 500 eggs in her life at a rate of 12 eggs per day!
  • Eggs are from 1 to 1.5mm in length (hatch within 6-10 days)
  • Nymphs are transparent and start to get color after feeding
  • Range from 2 to 5mm in length
  • After 5 molts in about 10 weeks, bed bugs become adults and are reddish brown, flatten and oval in shape
  • Range from 6 to 9.5mm in length

Signs You May Have Bed Bugs

  • Have you or anyone in your home traveled and or stayed in a hotel or on a cruse in the past 6 months?
  • Has anyone visited and stayed at your home for a day or more?
  • Do you keep your luggage under your bed or in your closet after traveling?
  • Does your house keeper live in a multifamily dwelling whose family members maybe from another country?
  • Have you or someone you know recently been told that they have Eczema after going to the dermatologist?
  • Are you finding mysterious red bumps or bites on your body after you wake up in the morning?
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Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

  • Blood Spots on your mattress in the creases and folds of the mattress.
  • Wake up with unexplained red spots and welts anywhere on your body
  • Find the adults or nymphs crawling on your sheets, walls, headboard or anything in your bedroom. (People usually do not notice that they have a bed bug problem until it’s too late; somewhere around 2 – 3 months after they start having signs.)
  • If someone waits any longer after realizing they have a problem and try to treat themselves; it will only make things worse in the long run and will cause the bed bugs to spread throughout the home.

Bed Bug Treatment

  • If you have bed bugs, don’t hire the cheapest company out there. Unless you want to live with the bed bugs for months on end.
  • Much preparation is need before treatment is able to be done, usually 1-2 days of prep work by homeowner.
  • Do not attempt to start cleaning until you get thorough instructions from a licensed professional – You do not want to spread the bed bugs to more places throughout your home!
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Bed Bug Prevention

  • True prevention is not a treatment but knowledge of what to do and look for when traveling
  • When staying anywhere that is not your home or at any hotel (doesn’t matter if 5 star or no star) inspect the room before you unpack or lay down on the bed
  • Pull up the sheets on the mattress and look closely at the folds and creases of the mattress to see if there are any marks that shouldn’t be there
  • Inspect the head board by lifting it off the wall
  • Inspect around the corners of the walls and ceiling for marks
  • Examine the curtains and furniture as well
  • If all is clear, it’s now ok to relax
  • You don’t want bed bugs to make their next home your home

Get help now!

Female bedbugs can lay up to five eggs a day and 500 during a lifetime, so call today, before your small problem becomes a big one.

Contact our office at (954) 874-8897 to discuss discuss your needs. Our Broward and Palm Beach pest control professionals will quickly and thoroughly take care of your problem.

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    "JP Miller and company are great!"
    Frank is my tech, he is very reliable, honest, and very professional. He answers any questions I might have and goes above and beyond for my family. Thank you!
    Nicole F.
    "Been using their services for a couple years!"
    Responded quickly to a bug issue and treated our house promptly. Aaron, our technician, was responsive and very helpful.
    Joshua W.
    "Frank and the guys at JPM are simply the best."
    They are kind, hard-working, and very dedicated to their customers who they treat like friends and family.
    "My family has been a customer for decades!"
    Aaron is a true professional, he always gives plenty of notice before a monthly visit so I can plan ahead and address any issues. His response time is incredible and he came by and handled a recent problem immediately.
    Jarrett L.
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    Aaron is the best. Super knowledgeable, quick, and friendly. Prices are great and you can’t beat the speed.
    Kevin C.
    JP Miller & Sons did a great job. Finally, a company that responds when needed.
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    "Couldn't ask for a better service team!"
    Aaron and the rest of the team are GREAT!!! I've had their services for 5+ years and they always go above and beyond! Family-owned and operated and couldn't ask for a better service team! Thank you!
    Rachel S.
    "Very satisfied!"
    I have used JP Miller Pest Control for 35 years and I am very satisfied. I just used Louis for a bee problem and he was very timely and effective. Good customer service!
    Thomas V.
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