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Did you know cooler temperatures force rodents to find ways inside your home?
We can install tamper proof rodent bait stations around your home to provide year long rodent protection.
$25 off initial install of rodent bait stations

Rat and Mouse Information and Rodent Prevention from Pest Press by ServicePro

Is it a MOUSE or a RAT?

  • Mice
    • Weigh less than 1 Ounce
    • Large ears
    • Pointed snout
    • Small head and feet
    • Up to3.5 inches long
  • Rat
    • Weigh up to 1 pound
    • Large head and feet (even when young)
    • Small ears
    • Blunt or point snout
    • Up to 9.5 inches long with a 6-8 inch tail (adults)

Your house is their winter coat

During colder months, mice and rats flock towards warm buildings and house for shelter.

  • Four common entry points
    • Garage
    • Vents
    • Door & window cracks
    • Sewer and drain pipes

Six terrifying facts about mice and rats

Terrifying fact No.1 – Rats are able to slither in through openings as small as ¾ inch while mice can squeeze in through ¼ inch wide gaps

Terrifying fact No.2 – Mice will climb through air vents in gas fireplaces in order to warm themselves make sure to keep those closed when not in use.

These rodents are quite the acrobats

Mice and rats have similar jumping and swimming capabilities as humans, which allows them to get pretty much anywhere.

Terrifying fact No. 3 – Rats can jump 2 feet high and 4 feet to the side. Though much smaller, mice can jump 1 foot high.

Terrifying fact No.4 – Rats can swim underwater for up to 30 seconds, allowing them to enter your home or business thorough toilets and drains.

They make do with what they (you) have available

While they don’t stray too fat from their nest, they definitely use their resources well. These monsters will eat pretty much anything, even insects and tree bark.

Terrifying fact No. 5 – Rats and mice will sharpen their teeth on metal, wood, glass, plastic, and rock.

Mice: 33 feet away Rats: 300 feet away

That mouse you felt so proud of trapping is just a drop in a bucket

Terrifying fact No.6 – A female mouse can produce 10 to 12 pups each month and two months after that, those mice will start reproducing. Do that math.

That’s over 70 mice in two months.

They are just as diseased as you thought they were

Mice and rats are able to transmit diseases through their urine, feces, or dead carcasses. (Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, Tularemia, Lyme disease)

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Swarmer Alert! Termites Are Swarming in Florida!

Termite swarms occur when winged reproductive termites leave an established termite colony to mate and form new colonies. They pose an alarming reminder that termite colonies are in a structure or surrounding areas, looking for new places to feed and thrive. Annually, termites cause an estimated $5 billion to $10 billion in property damage in the United States.

What do you do when swarmers are spotted?

Consider it a warning that a subterranean termite problem may exist somewhere in the structure, especially if the swarm occurred indoors, and get help. We are excited to offer a long-term solution that actually eliminates the entire termite colony from the structure, the Sentricon System.

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