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Boca Raton Termite Control Services – Residential and Commercial

While any pest in your home is a problem, termites are more than just a nuisance, as they will literally eat your home. Wood, paper, burlap … any kind of cellulose are termite snacks.

Help lower your chances of infestation by reducing the amount of wood material near your home, keep your exterior walls in good condition, and use bug screens on vents.

Those critters also need a source of water, albeit a leaky garden hose or the water that collects around your A/C unit. Regardless of your counter measures, termites can and will infest any home.

Prevention is the Key for Boca Raton Termite Control

Since termites primarily live underground, many people don’t realize they have company until these bugs have done substantial damage. The National Pest Management Association estimates that termites cause over $5 billion in property damage annually in the U.S.

The best way to thwart a potential invasion is to schedule a termite and pest inspection. Our licensed and insured termite inspectors are incredible allies. Armed with expertise and experience, we know the telltale signs of termites and other pests.

Signs of infestation

Boca Raton Termite Control

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Problems usually start when you notice small, clear insect wings scattered about the outside of your house. As the termites take up residence in your home, they’ll shed their wings and being to reproduce.

Termite swarms may be visible in the early spring. Termites are often confused with flying ants. Look for any damaged wood, soft wood, mud tubes and darkening or blistering of wood structures.

Additionally, you might notice pencil-sized tubes protruding from your outside walls. These mud-tunnels provide termites with protection and moisture.

Termites in Boca Raton

Given its difficult nature, and to ensure the problem doesn’t get out of hand, we suggest a yearly full inspection. That being said, if you think you have a problem, don’t wait!

When it comes to termites, ignorance is never bliss. Call us immediately to schedule an appointment.

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Swarmer Alert! Termites Are Swarming in Florida!

Termite swarms occur when winged reproductive termites leave an established termite colony to mate and form new colonies. They pose an alarming reminder that termite colonies are in a structure or surrounding areas, looking for new places to feed and thrive. Annually, termites cause an estimated $5 billion to $10 billion in property damage in the United States.

What do you do when swarmers are spotted?

Consider it a warning that a subterranean termite problem may exist somewhere in the structure, especially if the swarm occurred indoors, and get help. We are excited to offer a long-term solution that actually eliminates the entire termite colony from the structure, the Sentricon System.

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