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Are termites destroying YOUR home…

And you don’t even know it?

Are you worried that the traditional method of only tapping, listening through walls and visual inspections will miss finding termites and other pests?

We have the solution!

We’ll find termites, carpenter ants or other pests in your home no matter how well they are hidden. Or we’ll prove that there’s nothing there.

How?Termatrac - Termite inspection

We use the unique Termatrac® T3i - the only device in the world that detects termites or pest movement through and behind any walls, ceilings or roof areas*. We show you this movement on a screen.

Termatrac®T3i with its unique radar, thermal and moisture sensors:

Pinpoints the exact location of any movement, and as proof... not only will you see the evidence of any termite or pest movement on the screen for yourself... a printed report is available on all findings.

That’s total confidence for you.

Do you want. . .

Peace of Mind

Not only do we find the termites, but on a return inspection after treatment, we show you proof they’ve gone. You can see and believe for yourself with the Termatrac®T3i. It’s awesome! No one else can offer this.

No inspection damage

Using the Termatrac®T3i we don’t have to pull walls apart or drill holes to find termites.

Lower costs & a greener solution

The Termatrac®T3i pinpoints the exact location of any hidden pests allowing us to treat with fewer chemicals. This reduces cost, reduces your health risks and has less environmental impact.

Termite Detector - Termatrac

Buy your new home with confidence

Did you know that in many states the Wood-Destroying Insect Report only reports on what’s visible to the human eye. Insist on getting an additional Termatrac®T3i report on hidden areas to make sure that you are not sharing your new home with termites or carpenter ants.

No more fumigation tenting

In southern states the Termatrac®T3i exactly pinpoints drywood termites that are living in your walls enabling precise treatment. It removes the need for tenting, even further reducing your costs and inconvenience of relocation. It is a truly green solution.

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