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Gumbo Limbo Spiraling Whitefly

  • (Aleurodicus rugioperculatus)


This new whitefly is a large, slow moving insect capable of infesting a wide range of landscape plants such as:

  • gumbo limbo
  • Calophyllum (Tamanu)
  • banana
  • black olive
  • mango
  • Wax Myrtle
  • palms
    • Coconuts, Christmas, Alexander, Travelers, Robellini, Foxtail, Areca, Canary Island Date - Just to name a few
  • live oak
  • several shrubs and other plantsSpiral whitefly*

What to look for:

  • White spirals and buildup of white waxy substance on leaves
  • Plants can get infested and make the majority of leaves turn white.
  • They produce Honeydew which leads to Sooty Mold and this turns things black like the tree trunk and anything beneath the tree*


  • A preventative treatment is highly recommended because your tree or palm will get infested.

  • Or As soon as you see the white spirals on the leaves, you need to call us at JP Miller to treat the plant

  • Our treatments will give immediate protection and with systemic treatments it will protect up to several months

  • Annual preventative treatments are recommended 

Call us at: 1-877-JPM-Green

Is the tree going to die?

  • In most cases, this whitefly will NOT kill healthy, large trees and palms, however, small, newly planted or unhealthy plants with extremely high infestations could possibly die. The type and level of damage (leaf damage, leaf drop, branch dieback, decline, etc.) will be dependent on the type of plant. This whitefly does NOT cause the sudden leaf drop as seen with the ficus whitefly. *

*info about spiral whitefly from: